Happy Moments at Work

Infuse happiness at work.

Simple. Powerful. Uplifting. Actionable.

Happy Moments at Work

Infuse happiness at work.

Simple. Powerful. Uplifting. Actionable.



Welcome to the team + Happiness at work
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You wish you had some amazing tools to...

Seeking to reinvigorate your team’s synergy?

- Need a great tool to enhance happiness in your workplace?

- Looking for a positive way to welcome new team members?

- Aiming to have your employees become ambassadors of your company?

Happy Moments enables leaders to spark inspiring and important discussions amongst team members, provoke self and collective awareness leading to positive change, recognize employees for who they are and what they do, and position the organization as an outstanding employer. 

Includes a series of cards with fun and thought-provoking questions, surprising challenges, all specially designed for team engagement and happiness at work.

Number of participants: Unlimited

Duration: A few minutes, or a few hours. It’s up to you!

1. How often should these be played? Are they only good for one time use?

What's great about this set is that they can be used more than once and in several ways! We invite you to bring these out when you welcome a new team member, during team meetings, team building events... see all the other inspiring ways you can employ our At Work.

2. Who is this game for? How can my workplace benefit from this?

Our duo set is designed to fit a variety of industries and workplace! Learn more about how our At Work set has benefited various companies.

3. Can I buy the Happiness at Work / Welcome to the Team separately?

Our 'At Work' collection is only offered as a set. They complement each other perfectly.

Cards & Strategies


With this card, each member of your team will share what he appreciates and values. Being recognized by our peers helps reinforce the sense of belonging with the company and the team.


Sharing the reasons why you decided to work here makes you remember how privileged you are and makes you focus on the positive side. This is a great way to highlight your company's strength through your employees' own voices.


Have fun hearing the answers, and discover how happiness at work can be represented on a day to day basis.

Never A Dull Moment

Our clients come from various industries and there a multiple ways to play and apply Happy Moments at your workplace.


“In three words, I would describe these new products as unifying, joyful, and useful. Great products created by a top line entrepreneur.

Christiane Germain
Co-president & CEO, Groupe Germain Hôtels

Former Dragon on Dragon's Den Quebec


"Cet outil est aussi un jeu qui permet aux membres de l'équipe d'échanger régulièrement, tout ça en ayant du fun!!! Parfait pour amener une nouvelle culture basée sur l’échange et la collaboration. Merci 🙏🏻"

- Lucie



"L'outil parfait pour une activité de consolidation d'équipe. Il est fait avec beaucoup d'intelligence et d'humour. Nous sommes tombé sous le charme et l'avons essayé déjà à plusieurs reprises. Toujours un grand succès!"

- Martine L.


"Un produit de qualité qui allie le plaisir avec la profondeur. Les questions son pertinentes et puissantes. Elles permettent à la fois la réflexion et l'introspection et aussi les discussions authentiques et animées. Vraiment bien conçu de façon ultra-professionnel. Je le recommande autant à mes collègues coachs et facilitateurs qu'à mes clients."

- Pascale Dufresne
Inspire Leadership

Easy as 1 · 2 · 3

An off-site summit, a team lunch at the office, an online video conference meeting? Happy Moments tools can be used anywhere, anytime. 

Each participant randomly picks a question or challenge card. 

On the menu: deep discussions, great ideas, positive feedback, new perspectives, laughter and inspiration.

Designing for Happiness at Work

Each edition has been strategically designed with our expertise in human resources management, employer branding, team building, coaching and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). We base our approach on three pillars that have proven to help organizations build stronger, highly-motivated teams leading to higher levels of employee engagement and retention. 


Authentic Human Connections

Happiness at work is directly linked to the quality of the relationships amongst team members, and between employees and their immediate supervisor.

Create stronger bonds between team members by facilitating genuine and constructive interactions. 

Uplifting Recognition

Employee recognition plays a key role in fostering happiness at work.

Make your employer brand and each member of your team shine in a significant and powerful way.

Awareness + Action

Progress, or positive change, starts with being aware of who we are and opportunities at an individual and organizational level.

Spark relevant and useful reflections, create an instant feeling of well-being, and initiate positive changes in your organization. 


Immediately boost your team’s motivation and synergy with a positive team-building activity that will be appreciated by leaders as much as employees.

The most powerful team-building initiatives are those that build meaningful relationships based on authenticity, and foster positive perceptions amongst employees, their team, their work, and their employer.


Recognition at work is key to a great employee experience. These tools will help you demonstrate with sincerity how important your team members are to the company and how their unique contribution is valued by their peers and supervisors. 


The first day of a new employee is critical. Make sure to offer to your new team members an exceptional onboarding experience that will help them develop strong bonds with their colleagues, supervisors and with your company!

Discover what distinguishes your organization as a remarkable employer and empower your team members, from day #1, to become engaged ambassadors of your employer brand. 

''I wanted to create something that would really have a positive impact at work while being so simple and fun to use !''

" I believe that any company who wants to be truly successful and have a positive impact needs to put as much attention towards their team as they do towards their customers. Your team is always your strongest asset. I hope these tools help you show them how valued they are, create a positive team synergy like never before and improve happiness in your workplace, for you and those around you."

Sophie Brochu

Founder of Happy Moments

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