A purpose-driven company on a mission to create a brighter future. 

Founded in Montreal in 2017, Happy Moments is a professional coaching company recognized for its creativity, with an international clientele of purpose-driven leaders and organizations. Our greatest joy is to create impactful tools and experiences for your personal, professional and organizational development. 

Today, "Happy Moments” have been sparked amongst coworkers in Canada, USA, and Europe (France, Switzerland, Belgium, Greece).

Get to know our founder 

Our founder Sophie Brochu, always dreamed of founding a purpose-driven business that would have a positive human impact in the world. 

"Create what you wish existed". Her vision was to create fun, unifying and motivational tools to help people experience "happy moments" (uplifting coaching experiences) and make a positive difference.   

She is a Certified professional coach and Motivational speaker. She shares her passion and expertise on happiness at work, purpose-driven leadership and mindset coaching. 

Sophie's been on a journey to help improve happiness in the workplace since the very beginning of her career. In her human resources position's she mainly focused on reinforcing the organization's culture and values, employee recognition, employee's satisfaction and engagement, team building, leadership training and coaching.  


•10 years of experience as a Head of human resources and organizational development for companies with +1000 employees.  

•4 years of experience as a Board member of a Quebec sectorial workforce committee, the "Conseil Québécois des Ressources Humaines en Tourisme". 

•5 years of experience as a Member of the executive committee and HR committee at one of Canada's 50 Best managed Companies.

Sophie Brochu.  Founder, Happy Moments. 









Our founder Sophie writes a handwritten card to EACH new client. Yes, that’s correct. To each one. It is her way to express her gratitude and to demonstrate just how valued our clients are to us.


Sophie has self-funded this business with savings that she’s been accumulating since the beginning of her career. Her biggest dream was to become an entrepreneur to create a company that would have a positive human impact.